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Explore Medicine Hat is a passion project, by Hatters, for Hatters and to showcase our beautiful City to visitors.

We began our journey by moving to Medicine Hat in the Summer of 2021 and quickly fell in love with the history, the beauty and the community. Having moved into (what is claimed to be) a haunted house, we are fascinated with paranormal and will showcase local ghost stories. We also love dogs (well all animals) and so have set up Medicine Hat’s first, and only, dog-friendly business directory in support of the Animal Food Bank

Medicine Hat Advantage

Medicine Hat has many things to offer both residents and visitors. We are the sunniest place in Canada, affordable, family friendly, safe and let’s not forget the urban deer! We are within a short drive to dinosaur parks, lakes and beaches. We have rolling hills and the coulees, and over 155 km of trails. We have the lowest living wage in Alberta, and some of the friendliest people. Whether you live, shop, play or stay here, we have something for everyone. Explore all things Medicine Hat has to offer in our one stop shop for all things Medicine Hat. Join us as we Explore Medicine Hat.

Discover Everything Medicine Hat

Real Quotes from Hatters, Find out why they love it!

"I visited Medicine Hat on a whim during a cross-country road trip, and I am so glad I did. Explore Medicine Hat was my virtual guide, leading me to explore everything from the sunny parks to the fascinating haunted spots.
Pricilia Doe
"I've always been passionate about local history and folklore, and when I stumbled upon Explore Medicine Hat, it was like hitting the jackpot! The platform brings together all aspects of our city's history in a captivating and accessible manner.
Daniel johnson
Moving to Medicine Hat was a big step for my family, but Explore Medicine Hat made our transition so much easier. The site helped us discover local attractions, learn about community events, and truly feel a part of the city. I
Mark Hoffman
Explore Medicine Hat opened my eyes to so many hidden gems and captivating tales that were right in my backyard! It truly deepened my appreciation for our community and enriched my experience of living here."
Pricilia Doe

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So whether you're here to live, shop, play, or stay, Medicine Hat has something for everyone. Discover the vibrant businesses that fuel our local economy, the events that bring us together, and the places that make us fall in love with our city all over again.

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